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Pastor Michael Scoggins

Michael Scoggins is a 30 year old pastor who loves the Gospel. He has a goal which is to equip new and old Christians with the tools needed to spread the Gospel message. God called him to be a faithful servant in the ministry and Michael answered the call.

Michael has a growing family of 2 soon to be three. He has a lovely Christian wife named Beth and a beautiful sweet 5 year old girl named Ellie. Michael and Beth have been married for 7 years as of 2024 with many more to come. Their second child is expected to be here December 2024.

Michael loves to listen to many podcasts of Christian morality and Biblical theology. His passion and drive to serve God has lead him down a path that took many turns but has landed him as Senior Pastor at Pathway Baptist Church. He is thankful for the opportunities God has placed before him and strives to be the Pastor needed for Pathway.

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